We get your point across.
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We are writers

It’s the easiest way for us to say how we help you to organize that thought, that idea — that “thing” that is twirling around in your head — and we help you write it in a way that engages your audience.

You have to start somewhere, and it usually starts with an idea. And here, at Adage, we hear it all too often: “I know what I want to say, but I can’t quite figure out how to say it.”

You need help communicating that thing you’re so passionate about.

And that’s where Adage can — and will — help.

In fact, it’s what we do: We get your point across.



Why we do it.

We’re passionate about communication. We want to breathe life into that idea, message and/or story you have in your head and give it arms, legs and then have it walk, run or fly with purpose. To see your audience as engaged, informed and prepared is as exciting to us as reaching the top of a mountain, winning a round-trip ticket, or even better ... making those pants fit for the first time, in a long time.

We are excited to help you share your message, so let’s get climbing, flying or holding our breath.


Some of the very first written communication began with the quill.

It is one of the very first writing instruments used to create many powerful, historical manuscripts. The quill is what Shakespeare used to write Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet; America’s forefathers used it to sign their names to the Declaration of Independence; and Lord Byron used the quill to write, “One drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”

A simple tool can create the very magic that people will always remember.

This is exactly why we chose the quill as our logo.


What we do.

Adage works with our clients on projects that need to be communicated to their clients, prospects and/or employees. You tell us what you want to say and through a strategic discussion about your goals, key messages, audiences and desired outcomes, we help to — you guessed it — get your point across.

Communication comes in many forms, and our clients have turned to us to help them through:



It’s a fact: challenges and unplanned, urgent situations can and will happen. We help our clients engage their clients and/or employees immediately and effectively and in a way that helps them understand what’s happening, why it’s happening and how it may impact them.


External/Broad communication

Adage can help you translate what’s in your head — and your heart — in a way that’s true to your message, your brand and your vision. This is where the fun begins: we then work to share what you want to say across a set of strategic communication channels and watch as your audience tunes in and is mesmerized by your message.



We help executives and administrators at all levels of an organization effectively and genuinely connect with their employees through transparent, honest and relatable communication. As a leader, it’s important that you first work from the inside of your organization to build camaraderie, culture and trust, so your team then stands alongside you to engage everyone on the outside.



This is always one of our favorite projects. Our clients have said, “We have this really great idea, and we want to share it in a way that captivates our audience and makes them just as excited as we are.” Yep, we get it. And we’re just as excited as you are to share your story. So, let’s tell it together.


Our Mission

Communication is everywhere; we work to create and promote it in a way that captivates and engages.



Our Values

We believe in and will always uphold our core values: Commitment, Compassion and Creativity


How we do it.

We’ve told you what we do. Now, it’s time to tell you how we go about doing it. We can help you effectively communicate through:

  • Annual / community / client reports
  • Brochures / fliers / newsletters
  • Direct mail / electronic campaigns: internal and external
  • Feature writing / articles
  • Memos
  • News releases
  • Presentations
  • Scripts / talking points
  • Toolkits: employees and/or clients
  • Websites

Where we do it.

There are several ways in which we can meet you where you are in order to get your point across.

Partner in communication

We can work with/supplement your current in-house writer/team of writers and communicators. We don’t come in and start talking. First, we listen. Then, we look at all of the current objectives and tactics to learn what’s working and what’s not working. And then, we ultimately collaborate with your team to create and implement a strategic and effective plan.

Cover your maternity leave, FMLA or unexpected absence

If someone on your team has to leave for more than a few days or weeks, we can jump in and help. We’re quick-to-learn your project management systems, your processes and will earn the trust of your team. We may even bring cupcakes to meetings.

Turn a project around quickly

A project drops in your lap, and you don’t have enough time or in-house staff to help you get it done.

Just email Adage. We’ll meet you where you are, jump on a call and/or take your directives online and get moving. We’ve got your back.

Support a special project

You’re planning and working to manage your team’s project load for the upcoming quarter. You realize that your company’s annual report needs a writer and project manager. You have team members who are already overloaded, and they don’t have the bandwidth to take on a project of this magnitude. Allow Adage to help. We can meet with stakeholders, understand the scope of the project (or, any special project), and push things forward— all the while keeping you informed of progress, successes and any roadblocks that may pop up. Like we said: we’ve got your back.


Our Clients

Our clients represent a wide variety of services and industries, and they’re some of the best and brightest in their field. Here, take a look:

Health care




Professional Services